Tips For Staging and Selling Your Home Quickly

Tips For Staging and Selling Your Home Quickly



Selling a home in the midst of a pandemic can be intimidating. That’s why if you are selling your
home soon, your first step should be to connect with the professionals at Big Texas Home
Buyers, who can help you sell your home quickly. If you are looking for some additional peace
of mind, you can also use these valuable selling resources to maximize the appeal of your home
to ensure a faster sale.

Staging Home Interiors 

The inside of your home needs to be inviting and cozy in order to reel in prospective buyers,
and that all starts with the right cleaning and staging.
Decluttering is critical to helping your home stand out, but you will also need to deep
clean your home before showings.
● You will also need to remove personal items before showing your home to buyers.

Adding Curb Appeal
With the inside of your home sparkling, you can begin sprucing up the outside of your home, to
help make a good first impression on potential buyers.
Curb appeal refers to any changes made to the outside of your home in order to boost
appeal and value when selling.
● Some essential curb appeal steps to take include cleaning up your yard and tidying up your front porch.
Mulching flower beds can also freshen up your home’s exterior.
Connect with top landscapers to spruce up your property.

Setting Up Home Tours
Staging and adding curb appeal is crucial for getting buyers interested in your home, but then
you will need to prepare for open houses and showings. Remember, many people are still
anxious about the pandemic, so take steps to make them feel safe during a showing.
● COVID safety should be a top priority when showing your home, so be sure to properly
disinfect surfaces and practice social-distancing with shoppers and agents.
● Sticking around while buyers tour your home is usually not a good idea anyhow, so
consider taking a walk or running errands during showings.

Using Virtual Selling Tools
While in-person showings are possible, know that you may have potential sellers that want to do
everything online. Your safest and easiest bet may be to complete each step of the selling
process online.
● You can begin by using 3D mapping tools to create a virtual map for your listing.
● If sellers want to view your home, you can also use video conferencing services to give
them a virtual tour instead of risking an in-person viewing.
● There are even tools that allow for remote real estate closings, which can help keep
sellers, buyers, and agents safe during the COVID-19 crisis.
● In addition to virtual tools, consider putting a brochure together that potential buyers can
take after a showing. You can tackle brochure design yourself through free online tools.

Selling your home during a global crisis can come with some unique challenges. If you take the
right steps and use the right resources, you should be able to overcome these issues and sell
your home faster. Of course, working with an agent from Big Texas Home Buyers is also key,
especially when you are trying to sell your home as quickly as possible.
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