Zero Closing Costs

Zero Closing Costs

Zero closing costs

Selling your house could a frustrating undertaking. Even when you think you have finally brokered a good deal, closing costs and other hidden fees like attorney fees, title insurance, settlement fees, and attorney fees could eat deep into the proceeds from the sale. But what if you could sell your home fast to a buyer that promises zero closing costs and no hidden fees? Incredulous, right? A lot of people didn’t believe too until they sold to us at BuyBye Holdings.

We are a company of investors interested in the real estate market, and we offer homeowners the chance to sell their houses fast and get their full payment immediately. We strive to ensure that we buy houses at a price that’s fair to both parties, and importantly, with zero closing costs or other related charges.

What are some advantages of using BuyBye?

  • We promise the quickest closing time in the real estate market. Our company buys houses at a rate that’s up to 20 times faster than listing with an agent.
  • BuyBye Holdings helps you eliminate middlemen because you’ll be dealing directly with the buyers. Thus, there’s zero closing costs, agent fees, escrow fees, legal fees, commission, etc.
  • Our company buys all types of houses, as-is. You do not have to spend a fortune on upgrading, remodeling, or repairing.
  • We pay in cash! Thus, sellers can rest assured they’ll get their payment instantly, and they do not have to wait for many months for a bank to approve financing.
  • You can save thousands of dollars on commissions, inspections, repairs, and title fees. Property taxes and maintenance fees are also limited to the barest minimum.
  • BuyBye Holdings, through their local moving partners, offers free local moving to customers that are ready to move to a new place. For customers who do not have a place to go as at the closing date, the company can link you with some of Arizona’s top realtors that would help you find your dream home.

How do you determine the value of my house?

  • BuyBye Holdings consider several The location of the house
  • The current estimated market value
  • The overall condition of the property
  • Cost of potential repairs

The worth factors before placing a value on any house. Some of them include:

  • of houses in the neighborhood

You can rest assured that we’ll strive to come up with a price that’ll be fair to both parties, and we buy houses in their exact condition. Importantly, our company pays the full amount in cash with zero closing costs.

What are the fees you charge?

As hard to believe as it sounds, BuyBye Holding does not charge any fees on house sakes. Our goal is to give you the most seamless home selling experience possible, and our promise of zero closing costs, zero fees, and zero commissions is as real as it gets.

Are you excited at the prospect of selling your with zero closing costs and getting your cash instantly? Get in touch with us at BuyBye today. Our sellers get to pick their desired closing date, and we pay in cash as soon as the negotiations are over.



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