Your 4-Step Pre-Move Checklist for a Career-Related Relocation 


Your 4-Step Pre-Move Checklist for a Career-Related Relocation 

Relocating your family from an established home and lifestyle is a massive undertaking. A sudden career-related move can induce a lot of anxiety, especially if you haven’t made a major relocation before. Fortunately, as Spirituality & Health notes, there has been much exploration into the psychology of checklists and how they help reduce stress. Big Texas Home Buyers explains that following a detailed pre-move checklist will help you successfully relocate with minimal worry while also saving you time and money throughout the process.  

Step 1: Choose a Location 

The obvious first order of business when planning a move is to decide on a location. Purchasing a new home requires some careful preparation. Trulia points out that you can research neighborhood prices and compare the cost of different areas near your soon-to-be workplace. As you may need to secure a loan for finalizing the payment on a house, it would be prudent to check your credit score ahead of time and gather any important documents that a lender will need. Getting into contact with a real estate agent in your new city will go a long way toward helping you find a perfect location and understanding how much you can expect to spend. 

Step 2: Find the Perfect Home 

After determining an ideal area for your relocation, it’s time to narrow your search for the perfect house or apartment rental. You will want to choose a home that is in convenient proximity to your new job, but it’s important to consider the needs of your entire family as well. As a parent, you may consider researching school districts in your new city to choose the most suitable place of learning for your children. Pet owners will find increased enjoyment by selecting an area with scenic walking routes or parks. Use online resources for finding the apartments in the area that fit your budget and meet your criteria for bedrooms, bathrooms and neighborhood. 

Step 3: Research the Best Professionals 

When the time comes to make the big move, you will benefit from hiring professional help that doesn’t break the bank. Many moving services can meet your family’s unique needs, including help with packing or downsizing. Before getting too comfortable in your new home, you may consider hiring a reputable locksmith to make sure that every entrance is equipped with durable locks. A trustworthy locksmith will be insured and offer a warranty for their work. When searching for any professional during your moving process, be sure to compare customer ratings and testimonials so that you will receive the best service available. 

Step 4: Know What Can Go Wrong 

Preparing for a life-changing event is not just about making sure everything goes right; it’s also about knowing what can go wrong. There will be many matters on your mind during a career-related move, so be ready in case you forget something important. For instance, if you have yet to land a job at your new location, having an updated resume in hand is essential so you’re ready to hit the ground running as soon as you’re in your new home. When you use an online resume builder, you can choose from a wide range of professional-looking templates to customize for free, then download to either print out or disseminate digitally as a PDF. 

Or, if you have to start working as soon as you get into your new house, you may miss an important deadline or overlook sensitive family matters. The best course of action during such circumstances may be to simply exercise open and honest communication with your employer, clients and loved ones and reach a mutual understanding. 

When things become overwhelmingly hectic during your big work-related move, remember to stick to your checklist. Things will seem more manageable and attainable when your objectives are simplified into just a few easy steps. If your loved ones are relocating with you, don’t be afraid to share some of the burdens with them wherever possible. 

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