we buy houses medford Oregon

we buy houses medford Oregon

Selling your home to an investor for cash is similar to trading your vehicle at the dealership. If you want to sell your car, you can definitely handle it yourself. All you need to do is a few repairs, post it on craigslist, and arrange your own test drives. But, it’s way easier to take it to the dealership you’re getting your next ride from and allow them to deal with it.

At REI Solutions LLC, we buy houses in Medford, Oregon, quick and easy. With us, you can sell your home fast without wasting money and time, making repairs, or using real estate agents to sell the conventional way.

Who is a Good Candidate for Cash for Homes?

What’s your best move as an owner looking to sell your home fast? Here’s what you need to know about cash for houses in Medford:

  • REI Solutions LLC will Buy Your House for More Cash than any other ‘Home Buying’ Company in Your Area

Real estate statistics show that as of 2018, 91 percent of homeowners prefer to list their homes with real estate agents. This is a better option for sellers whose priority is to get the highest price point for their houses. Agents are in a better position to make that happen by prepping the seller’s house, staging it, helping with the negotiations, and closing.

However, if a sure or fast sale supersedes the price, then cash buyers are your best bet. For that, REI Solutions LLC is a great place to start if you’re asking ‘how can I sell my house fast for cash?’

  • You’ll Avoid Contingency Clauses

Contingencies are synonymous with house contracts. They are usually ‘back out’ clauses that go above and beyond to protect buyers but are oppressive for sellers. The fine print may include clauses like:

  • Even with a bank approval, the offer will only remain valid in the event the mortgage lender doesn’t back out.
  • The offer will only remain valid if the current home of the buyer sells in no more than three months.

When selling your house for cash to a real estate investor, you may circumvent such contingencies depending on the buyer you are dealing with, although many will still need a home inspection.

At REI Solutions LLC, we buy houses in Medford OR in any condition and under any circumstances.

  • Selling Your Home for Cash is Fast and Less Legwork

Since you have someone interested from the get-go, you don’t have to go through the hassle of prepping or staging the house for sale—direct buyers take over all the responsibilities. At REI Solutions LLC, we buy homes for cash in Medford once you give us a call. All we’ll do is ask you a couple of questions, schedule a meeting to see your house, and then make you an offer. If you take it, we’ll close it even within as little as 24 hours.

Sell Your Home Quick

Do you want to sell your home fast? We can help. We buy houses in Medford, Oregon, and the Grands Pass community. You can be sure that we’ll give you exceptional, personalized experience from start to finish. If you’re wondering, ‘how can I sell my house fast in Medford Oregon?’ get in touch with us today on (541) 200-0617.

we buy houses medford Oregon