Tips to Help Seniors Downsize Smoothly and Safely

Tips to Help Seniors Downsize Smoothly and Safely

For seniors who are ready to downsize, moving to a new home may be one of those decisions that just can’t wait. If you’re a senior who’s ready to move, or you’re helping a loved one with this transition, here are some tips to make this process as easy as possible.

Tips for Successful Selling

Real estate is an industry that’s moving forward through the pandemic, but the way transactions are being conducted looks a little different. Sellers are having more communication with agents through video chats, and you’ll probably use more digital tools for listing your home too.

While the process of marketing your home may have changed, other aspects of the selling process are no different than before COVID. According to Forbes, the first thing you should do is develop a selling strategy, which includes choosing a qualified real estate agent. As part of this strategy, it’s also smart to find out how much your home is worth from the very beginning. You can do this research yourself through an online home value estimator, which should also give you a report of sales nearby so you’ll have an idea of how your home’s value compares to others that have been on the market recently.

Another key part of your selling strategy should focus on making your home stand out to buyers. If you’ve been living there for a while and haven’t made upgrades, you may want to invest in some renovations, especially the features that buyers want most. According to Kiplinger, energy efficiency, ceiling fans, and hardwood floors are just a few of the features that top the list. This step takes time and money, but it will save you in the long run by helping you sell faster.

Tips for Successful Buying

For seniors who are downsizing, the biggest question is whether to buy a new home where you can age in place or move to some type of senior living community. If you’re planning on buying a home, start by researching the average price of homes in the location you have in mind, which will vary based on neighborhood and the size you’re looking for. Regardless of where you plan on moving, you’ll need to consider all the financial factors, including your savings, retirement income, and the cost of senior living (whether that’s something you need now or in the future).

Tips to Make Moving Easier

Let’s face it – moving is a lot of work, and it’s often harder for seniors who are downsizing because you will have to sort and part with some of your possessions. Hiring a senior move manager can help with this part, and you’ll also want the help of reliable movers. Give yourself plenty of time to do your due diligence in researching movers in your area. First, check out reviews and ratings online and see if any moving companies are offering deals or credits. As you narrow your search, ask pertinent questions like whether they provide a thorough estimate, how long they project your move will take, and whether they offer services like packing assistance. Keep in mind that several factors go into how much moving services cost, such as how far you’re going, the total weight of items moved, and even the day of the week. 

Most people want to clean their new home when they first move in, but to be extra cautious, you may want to hire cleaners to do that for you before moving in. It may seem a little scary making such a big move, but by following the tips in this article, you’ll be able to downsize smoothly and safely.

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