Tips for Showing and Selling Your Home During a Pandemic

Tips for Showing and Selling Your Home During a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many industries to grind to a halt. But this isn’t the case for real estate! Owners are still listing homes for sale, and people are still snatching them up—the process just looks a little different right now. If you’re selling a home right now, here are some tips to keep in mind!

Prepping Your Home for Sale

Whether you’re showing your home in person or online, make sure it appears clean, organized, and well-maintained.● Find an expert real estate professional to help market and sell your home. ● If you need to sell your home quickly, contact Big Texas Home Buyers for a fair cash offer!● Take care of routine maintenance inside and outside.● If you don’t want to paint your whole home, focus on key areas.● Find ways to boost your curb appeal.● Research popular upgrades that can add value to your home.

Cleaning Your Home for Showings

With many more people vaccinated, it’s much safer to allow people into your home, but you can still make efforts to clean and sanitize.● Wipe down every surface in your home with effective disinfectant.● Remember to clean your carpets, rugs, and hard flooring.

Alternatives to Regular Showings

If, on the other hand, you’d rather not have people in your home, ask your real estate agent about the possibility of virtual showings.● Try using free software to create your own virtual home tours.● Stream a virtual open house to show your home to groups.● Market your home on social media. You can make announcements, showcase your home through appealing photos and videos, and even make a logo that you can customize with an online logo generator.

Closing the Sale

From navigating the home inspection to signing important documents, you have the option to make adjustments to the closing process to accommodate social distancing.● Communicate with your buyers through video chat.● Get your family out of the house during the home inspection.● If your state allows it, use remote online notarization to limit in-person contact.

If you want to sell your home, you’ll be happy to know that your sale can proceed during the coronavirus. You will just have to take some extra steps to keep everyone safe! From offering virtual showings to limiting contact at closing, there are several great ways to protect your family, real estate agent, and your buyers during this unpredictable time

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