The Ultimate Moving Checklist: How to Conquer Your Move Like a Pro

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The Ultimate Moving Checklist: How to Conquer Your Move Like a Pro

Moving is never fun but a basic necessity of life. While we may not enjoy the process of getting
settled into a new place after a long and stressful move, there are things you can do to make it
easier on yourself.

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Set Up before Moving

The weeks leading up to the move are critical. Be sure to do the following tasks well in advance:
Set up utilities. Contact providers for electric, gas, internet, cable TV, and water so that
you have the basics when you move in.
Hire professional movers: Finding the right moving company can take a lot of the
stress off your plate.

Install security: A home security system will protect your home before and after you
move, thus providing you with peace of mind.

Take Stock During the Move

Moving day will always be stressful. Here are some things to take care of in the days leading up
to and right after the move.
Set up moving arrangements: Whether you need to book the elevator in your building
or confirm parking for the truck, be sure to arrange the specifics.
Address minor home repairs: Minor home repairs will make it easier to sell or rent
your place as quickly as possible.
Pack a lockbox: Collect your valuables like jewelry, cash, and essential documents to
access them easily.

Getting Settled In

With the heavy lifting (literally) out of the way, it’s time to get acquainted with your new area.
Here’s how you can do so:
Create a positive space: Create a home that promotes happiness, balance, and
Find community: Use an online tool to meet new people or reacquaint yourself with old
contacts you may have known from the past in your new town.
Find local services: Looking to support your family’s health and wellness? Be sure to
find a doctor you can trust.
Alleviate pet stress: If the move has your pet feeling anxious, purchase them some
new toys or a pet bed to make them more comfortable—always read reviews to ensure
you’re buying quality products.

Plan a party: A housewarming party is a great way to get to know new neighbors and
coworkers while relaxing from the move!
So what do you think? Ready to conquer your move and settle in with ease? Be sure to follow
our checklist to get through this transition like a pro!

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