The Cat Hoarder House We Bought in Arlington Texas

Arlington hoarder house kitchen before

The Cat Hoarder House We Bought in Arlington Texas

Yup! We Bought a Cat Hoarder House in Arlington

Oh dear… The name says it all. The owner of this home initially contacted me in early March because she needed to sell her Arlington house. As I walked up to the house, cats scattered and I was hit in the face by a stench so overwhelming I thought I would pass out. Once we opened the front door, I was welcomed with piles of trash, dozens of feral felines, and what appeared to be feces on most surfaces.
As I attempted to conduct my initial repair estimate, I realized I wouldn’t last 5 minutes without vomiting.

I raced out the house as quickly as possible to discuss the purchase price with the seller.  She knew the problem had reached a point beyond that which she could handle. We discussed what it would take to get the house in livable condition and how much I could offer her as a result. She said she’d think about it and get back to me.  Surprisingly, I didn’t hear from her… For 3 months. I wasn’t very excited at this point due to numerous factors. 1) Bioremediation would cost between 10-20K  2)I was very busy with several other home remodels 3)We wouldn’t be able to purchase the house at a price that would produce much of a profit.
When the seller called, I learned that she was now facing foreclosure and needed to sell her house quick. Even though it wasn’t a great investment and was I was a little scared of buying a cat hoarder house, but  I wanted to help, and decided to move forward with the sale.
After buying the house, I discovered that bioremediation companies refused to treat cat hoarder homes because they are incredibly difficult to neutralize. Crappers!!
Thank goodness for our amazing crew! They spent the first 2 weeks cleaning out all of the junk followed by cutting out drywall, ripping out flooring, and catching stray cats. They’ve gone above and beyond normal expectations with minimal complaints. You can’t even tell a cat hoarder sold us the home. We’re currently completing our finishing touches and I’m happy to say the house now smells like a pleasant blend of rainbows and sunshine (with a little bit of love on the side).



Yes, We’d buy a Hoarder House Again

After everything was said and done (and I burned the clothes I wore to the house). It ended up working for everyone. The home owner was able to sell a house that she didn’t think was sellable. The home buyer bought a beautiful remodeled home at a good price. And my partner and I were able to pay some bills! As tough as it was, we’d do it again.

If you or someone you know has a problem house that they need to sell give us a call at 214-444-9385
or fill out our Quick Response Form and we’ll get back to you FAST.

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