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Buying a home is always a significant accomplishment, especially for first time buyers; however, the process could be overwhelming. The process comprises different steps, like meeting with credit unions for your credit score evaluation, visiting various homes, engaging various real estate agents, negotiating, and finally closing the deal. All these make the process a bit strenuous.  

Almost all prospective homeowners have heard about the option of finding a suitable mortgage through a mortgage broker in Tacoma, WA, but not all have an in-depth knowledge of their process and how they work. Let’s take a look at who they are and how they work.

Working with a Tacoma Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokers in Tacoma, WA, act as a middle man between potential homeowners and lending institutions. They work by providing homebuyers with the best home finance option for a new home purchase from various loan products offered by leading mortgage lenders in Tacoma, WA, and beyond.

Homebuyers who consider working with a mortgage broker are opened to more loan options than those who directly approach a lender. Also, mortgage brokers help relieve homebuyers of stress and save them time when shopping for a loan. They may also help them secure a more affordable interest rate resulting from a more extensive inventory of options.   

However, mortgage broker services go for a price; it’s never free! They charge between 1-2% of the loan amount. This amount is paid either by the lender or the homebuyer. Sometimes, when mortgage brokers get paid by the lending institution, buyers receive stricter loan terms and higher interest rates.  

Our Mortgage Company

Tacoma Mortgage Brokers offers a vast list of options of various affordable home loan options that includes helpful solutions, most especially for first-time homebuyers.  

We not only boast of our top-of-the-line services but also our professional and experienced loan officers. They can place you in the most vital position possible to acquire your dream home.

Comparing Our Company Against Other Tacoma Mortgage lenders 

Tacoma harbors many mortgage brokers who can help you find the mortgage for your home purchase. However, there is more to the process than just landing you a good mortgage at the end of the day. How long does the process take? What does their service e look like? All these matters and should be considered when selecting the right Tacoma mortgage lender. Walk with us as we highlight what makes us unique from other Tacoma, WA mortgage brokers.

  • Our Process

As we are not under the control and supervision of a big bank, we conduct our entire lending process locally. It implies that starting from the appraisal down to closing, they are all finalized right at our office in Tacoma. Our process consumes less time and enables us to close your new home in no time.  

  • Our Service

Many brokers receive condemnation for providing clients with less information and missing deadlines. Homebuyers appreciate working with honest brokers, which is commendable, and that’s why we’ve always been completely open to all our clients. Unlike others, we’ll discuss every possible option with you, and we’ll always get in touch with you at every step of the process till we close your home loan close as promised.   

  • Competitive Rates

Among other Tacoma mortgage rates, our rates and fees are the most competitive.   

Working with the top lending institutions in Tacoma allows us to offer a wide range of mortgage loan options that best meet your needs. And this sees our mortgage team closes a high volume of mortgage loans, which enable us to offer the best and most affordable Tacoma mortgage rates. Besides, we don’t charge fees, and we don’t fake our rates to entice clients.   

  • Fast Prequalifications

No home buying journey begins without prequalification. Once your prequalification becomes successful, you’d get an estimate of what you can borrow regarding the information provided about your finance. We run an extremely fast prequalification for our clients so they can dive into their home search on time and confidently.  

Why not start your home purchase journey with Tacoma Mortgage Brokers. For more information about our mortgage loan programs, contact Tacoma Mortgage Brokers today!

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