Seller Financed Homes In Nh

Seller Financed Homes In Nh

Seller financed homes in NH are not easily found by home buyers. If you’re trying to sell a home and willing to offer seller financing, you may get lucky and find the perfect buyer; however, chances are greater that your home will remain for sale longer than if you had hired a realtor. The limited reach you’ll experience by avoiding a conventional home sale can lead to issues for the homeowner, including financial hardship, mounting repairs, and eventual home abandonment if not resolved. 603 Properties is prepared to make a cash offer for your home in any condition.

8 Key benefits of Selling Your Home For Cash

1. Most homeowners who opt for seller financing own a home that will not pass a bank’s inspection. When you sell to our homebuyers, we’ll buy your home for cash. We make instant cash offers on seller financed homes in NH, closing in less than a week.

2. We make the entire process of selling your house fast, easy, and 100% hassle-free:

  • No realtor’s commissions
  • No fees or closing costs
  • Zero repairs
  • No property clean-up or garage clean-outs
  • Best resolution for seller financed homes in NJ

3. Pick your closing date when you sell to us. If you need to stay in your home for an extended period of time after selling to us, we’ll work around your schedule to find a solution that works for you.

4. If you’re in the middle of a renovation or home improvement project, you can stop all work and sell to our buyers as-is. We’ll take on all of the repairs after the closing is complete so you won’t have to put any more money or time into your home.

5. Choosing a cash sale will provide the funding you need for your next adventure, whether you’re moving to a new location or downsizing to an apartment or smaller home.

6. Instead of working with a real estate agent who will set the price of your home, you’ll receive a fair market offer based on its condition. Our homebuyers will evaluate your house, property, and neighborhood to determine the best cash offer.

7. You may have heard that a traditional home sale was the only way to find a buyer; however, that’s not the case. A cash sale is a safe process, provided you choose a reputable homebuyer. At 603 Properties, we have the resources to make good on our offer and close on the sale of your home within days.

8. We resolve foreclosures for our clients, providing cash to pay off a mortgage or make a partial payment that will salvage your credit score if you’re already in the early stages of a foreclosure. Speak with us before allowing the bank to take possession of your home.

Call our homebuyers at 603 493-0329 for more information about our cash-for-homes program that will provide an instant resolution to your home selling problems. When you sell to us, you can avoid listing your home on the market, painting & repairs, open houses, home staging, and long delays in finding a buyer. We buy seller financed homes in NJ in any condition.