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New townhomes Oakville

Some misinformed content creators make it seem as though buying new construction is problematic. The truth is that pre-construction homes have amazing benefits to your pocket and lifestyle. Anyone with experience of living in older homes with pre-ownership will blatantly tell you about the upsides of buying a brand new home. What is the general opinion of buying new townhomes in Oakville?

Should you buy new townhomes from DunPar?

Low maintenance

These homes demand very little financial support, in comparison to an older home. They have the latest building codes and safety ethics; hence you will not pay out-of-pocket or insurance coverages to upgrade its maintenance. You will also have plenty of time to enjoy the home, instead of exploring the plumbing and electrical industries for all sorts of possible renovations.


New construction homes in Oakville are excellent for the homeowner who is eager to move in. You can trust that all features have the latest updates and prompt completions; hence you do not have to extend the due date for the move. You have the advantage of enjoying all kinds of appliances throughout the entire home. The new home will have the following vital and functional units:

  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Stove
  • Oven
  • Fridge
  • Laundry machine

Better energy consumption

Modern constructions have efficient energy use. They give homeowners the benefit of reduced monthly bills and often have the certainty of third-party energy ratings. This case means the home will have reduced heat loss in winter and excellent cooling in summer. You will enjoy these new installations for several years before you have to replace a single feature.

Valid warranty

Pre-construction townhomes in Oakville will have the best warranty fulfillments because none of the appliances void the agreement. The confidence of this new warranty stems from the fact that the builder will cover all the costs of broken units and hidden defects. The contrasting case is that an old home may have several void warranties due to misuse of appliances, or expired agreements that force you to pay for everything out-of-pocket.

Modern designs

Do you find old designs in expensive old homes to be repulsive? The only people who want an old design are those who have a particular liking for vintage style. Pre-owned homes with several years of service will lack the luster that marks a new home.

New townhomes in Oakville boast of wide and open floor plans, modern interior designs and modern kitchen and lounging areas. The thoughtful designs are serene for gathering friends and family, while maintaining an upbeat mood.

The new pre-construction townhomes can fit your style when the builder gives you a chance to customize the architecture. The most common and affordable elements to customize include:

  • Tiles
  • Countertops
  • Cabinet finishing
  • Wall color

New community

Oakville new homes offer more than just the building. You get a brand new townhome communities in Oakville. The expertly crafted amenities allow you to forge social bonds that fit your life. Most importantly, you have the peace of mind that everyone is new to one another and paddling the same boat of building relationships.  

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New townhomes Oakville