How to Fix a Mosquito Problem

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How to Fix a Mosquito Problem

Suppose you are living in an area that is ripe with mosquitoes like Dallas, TX. In that case, you are likely all too familiar with how irritating they can be. Their effects can range from mild annoyance to the transference of lethal diseases from malaria, Zika, and West Nile viruses. Additionally, mosquitoes are among the most challenging pests to get rid of. This is because it’s hard to target them at every stage of their lives.

To effectively combat a mosquito problem, you will likely need to use a variety of methods simultaneously. The available methods range from chemical agents and practical tools to biological weapons. This can be an expensive and time-consuming ordeal. If you are not up to this task, the best option may be to call a professional.


If you want to hit mosquitoes where it hurts, you want to get them at the source. Mosquitoes are attracted to water. Standing water provides mosquitoes a safe place to lay their eggs. Frequently the best place to start is by destroying these eggs and rendering these breeding grounds sterile for mosquitoes.


Sometimes, the best weapons are the ones nature has already provided. Common ornamental fish, such as koi and minnows, are known for eating mosquito larvae. If you have a small pond that’s infested, consider stocking it with ornamental fish. Not only is this a tasteful addition to your pond, but it will ensure any eggs laid in your pond will be eaten before they can hatch. Additionally, if you cannot stock a pond with fish, lizards and geckos also provide this same functionality. Do what works for you.


The ovitrap is an ingenious mosquito-killing solution. This method also targets the offspring. An ovitrap is a dark, water-filled container with a small opening through which a mosquito can pass. As mosquitos seek out water to lay their eggs, they are drawn to these containers.

To prime your trap, simply stock it with your preferred larva-killing method. You may use fish, but you can also mix larvicide into the water. Ovitraps are both easy to find and quite affordable. The only downside is you will need multiple ovitraps to effectively deal with any significant mosquito population.


Pesticides can be incredibly effective tools for combating insect infestation. These tools can be double-edged swords, however, and are not without drawbacks. Pesticides may not only kill the intended target but can do untold damage to other nearby species.

Additionally, if pesticides seep into the earth, they can cause long-lasting damage to the ecosystem. There have also been documented cases of mosquitoes becoming immune to some pesticides after exposure.

If you choose to go this route, proceed with caution. The wise choice may be to hire a professional exterminator. They have more insight and knowledge than you and will apply the chemicals safely and effectively.

Adult Mosquitoes

It is not enough to kill just the larvae. If there are healthy adult mosquitoes, they will find other places to lay their eggs. You must therefore fight a war on two fronts. This can be done with several methods.


A rather creative DIY method involves the use of fans. Mosquitoes are very fragile creatures. They lack the power to pull free of a strong breeze. Use this to your advantage. Place a large screen or piece of fabric across the back of a box fan. The holes of your screen must be small enough to keep a mosquito from passing through. Be sure to check for any holes or tears, as this will render your trap ineffective.

 Once you have secured your screen, simply turn on the fan. The breeze will pull mosquitoes in and trap them against the screen. Their fragile bodies will be unable to escape, and here they will die of starvation. If you have some box fans lying around, give this method a try.


Bats are possibly the most feared predator when it comes to mosquitoes. These nocturnal mammals can eat up to 1,000 adult mosquitoes in a single hour. If you do not mind the presence of bats on your property, consider a bat house. These structures provide welcome homes for bats to nest.

Bat houses can be purchased online for a modest sum. If you fancy yourself a handyperson, consider building your own. The plans for bat houses are available online and are rather simple structures.

Effectively dealing with mosquitoes is no simple task. You must fight a war on several fronts. Although you have various options, this can be a chore that consumes your time and hard-earned money. If this task seems overwhelming to you, bring in some help. Call in a professional exterminator. They have the right training for scenarios such as these and will know exactly where to start.

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