End-of-Summer Trend 2016: Market for Home Sellers + Independent Residences

End-of-Summer Trend 2016: Market for Home Sellers + Independent Residences

At the beginning of July, Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis joined Seattle and Denver as a leading are for residential price gains (Dallas Morning News). However, despite a temporary decline in home buying at the end of July, caused concern. A representative from The Real Estate Center, out of Texas A & M University, expressed concern at the initial dip in the otherwise, positive trend of home buying.

Now, the North Texas market is back in full force. For the first time in two years, July home closings fell by 2 percent from just last year. In fact, real estate agents reported a 12 percent increase in comparison to August sales in 2015.

Furthermore, numbers are better now than they were before the most recent, profound, recession.

The Biz Beat Blog portion of the Dallas Morning news shares data from the S&P Dow Jones that reveals North Texas has seen home prices and value increase by as much as 40 percent.

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