Budget-Friendly Ways to Keep Your House Secure

Budget-Friendly Ways to Keep Your House Secure

It’s easy to get caught up in the flashy, expensive security system ads that we often see on TV or in our social media threads. However, you don’t necessarily need an expensive system to help keep your home safe from burglars. If you’re looking to bump up your security without bumping your bank account into the red, Big Texas Homebuyers invites you to check out these affordable ways to boost your home’s security. 

Shop Savvy for Safety Tech 

If tech is your first go-to, note that it’s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of possibilities. Before you start to shop, get an idea of exactly what you want based on your security needs. Start big, and then begin to winnow down your choices based on features, cost and reviews.  

Remember to also review warranty and return policies just in case. Once you have an idea of exactly what you want, start shopping around for the best deals. Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper, but finding deals on sites like Best Buy, Amazon and Overstock is totally doable. 

Low-Tech Safety Options

To effectively keep your home safe, there are several affordable features you can add in and around your home. For example, motion detector lights positioned in the right places can be a great deterrent, as can thorny bushes under windows. Consider too adding an extra lock to any door that allows entry inside the home. 

In addition to deterrents, common sense efforts make a difference too. Keep valuables out of sight, and cover your garage windows. Vivint also recommends checking your doors and windows nightly to make sure they’re locked.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

According to ADT, most home burglaries take place during the day between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. These burglaries generally average between eight and 10 minutes. If you’re not at home during the day, get to know your neighbors, particularly the ones who are always home. 

If your community has a neighborhood watch, you should make the effort to join it. A neighborhood watch helps members of the same community maintain a secure environment in conjunction with local law enforcement. Being a part of the watch may involve activities like attending meetings, patrolling, and handing out crime prevention information to other people in the community.

Out With the Old

If you were handed keys to your home and never changed the locks, it can be a good idea to change your locks just in case someone might still have a key to your home. Old doors that show signs of wear should also be changed, preferably to ones that are made of solid wood or metal. When it comes to your front door, install a sturdy lock and deadbolt. You can secure your windows by putting in grilles and security bars. 

Your home should be your safe haven, so it’s good to know that keeping it secure isn’t out of reach just because you’re on a budget. With these affordable suggestions, you can ensure that you and your home are well protected.

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