1) Get a Healthy Lawn. Start with a weed and feed to remove stray weeds and ensure that your lawn is getting all of the necessary nutrients. Continue to mow the lawn for a couple of weeks on the shortest setting. If your lawn, isn’t looking greener and thicker 2 weeks later, you should consider purchasing grass seed at your local hardware store and over seeding the entire lawn focusing on bare areas. Be sure to water everyday for 2 weeks. We recommend watering early morning (around 3:30 am) to guarantee absorption before the summer sun evaporates the much needed moisture. Automatic watering timers (for those without a sprinkler system) can be purchased for under $20 at a variety of national chain stores.

2)Paint Your Front Door. Pick a color that is both eye catching and universally appealing. Nearly any shade of red will suffice. If in doubt, browse Pinterest to find photos of doors with curb appeal. You’re certain to find something that suits your home’s style. You can find detailed instructions on how to get a professional finish at http://homeguides.sfgate.com/paint-exterior-front-door-37459.html

3)Replace Your Address Plaque. Beautiful Modern Address numbers can be bought inexpensively at your local big box store. Of course, you can always pay more for designer plaques but the idea is to upgrade on a dime.

4)Plant Some Greenery. Adding a couple of trees and bushes can add a tremendous amount of curb appeal. Consider lining your walkway and front entry with some small hedges early spring. Annuals are cheap but temporary option. They might be ideal if you your budget is restricted and your home needs a facelift to attract potential buyers. Flowering shrubs and perennials cost more but will return year after year. Grouping flowers and plants together will attract more attention than individually.

5)Add Mulch. Our personal color preference is black mulch since it mimics the appearance of dark rich soil but feel free to explore other options. Rid the area to be mulched of any weeds or grass. It’s always a good idea to throw down a weed barrier to prevent bothersome vegetation from invading your garden area.

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